Catering Van Insurance Quotes

For the business owner with a mobile food service truck, the need for catering van insurance is a must to help keep your business open and operational when misfortune hits. This type of business can be a mobile Fish & Chips van, complete catering services to events or schools or another type of food service that is mobile.

What is Catering Van Insurance?

Catering van insurance is a special category of coverage that a mobile food service should have so financial protection against a wide variety of problems and accidents can be taken care of. This will make it possible to keep the business open when the unforeseen occurs.

Not only can the vehicle covered, but also the business that operates out of it. Types of coverage available include;

  • Third party insurance for the vehicle
  • Third party fire and theft insurance for the vehicle
  • Comprehensive insurance for the vehicle
  • Public liability insurance for the business
  • Employee liability insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Business equipment insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

What Types of Vehicles can be covered with Catering Van Insurance?

Any type of vehicle used to transport or sell food from a mobile unit can be covered. This includes;

  • Converted vehicles such as buses, vans and trucks
  • Catering vans that have been modified
  • Mobile trailers
  • Static trailers

Why should this Type of Insurance be taken out?

The reason for having catering van insurance is to protect you, your vehicle and business under one policy. While it is possible to take out three different policies, by having all three areas covered under one policy, the premium will be less costly. There will also be fewer hassles if a claim must be made.

By having only one policy the time for payout for a claim will be reduced since no decision has to be made by the insurance company or companies which policy is the right one for the claim to be filed.

Is there any Optional Coverage that is available? 

Some business prefers or can only afford basic insurance coverage.  This is risky when operating a mobile food business, but sometimes cannot be avoided.

Some business prefers or can only afford basic insurance coverage.  This is risky when operating a mobile food business, but sometimes cannot be avoided.

For the business side you can have business fixture and equipment coverage along with stock replacement to get your business operational after a problem occurs.

There is also road rage coverage just in case you are the victim of vandalism or an outright assault on your vehicle or person.

When possible a courtesy vehicle can also be deployed to help keep your business operational when you main vehicle has been damaged.

Under the vehicle side of the policy, roadside assistance and windshield protection can be added to the coverage.

Catering Van Insurance Compare

There are many facets to catering van insurance.  To help you through your options we have an independent insurance broker ready and available to assist you. They can locate the right policy for you to meet your budget.